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Who are we.

Established in 2016, Lines Photography Kenya is a Nairobi-based photography and photography services providers. Capturing moments, making memories is our business. We specialize in portraiture, high end beauty, event, family and corporate photography. We also offer high end retouch services and photography training. With three years of growth and experience under our belt, our mastery of the field ensures the best experience and quality for our esteemed client base that ranges from individuals to parastatals, multinational agencies.

Why choose us?

  1. Quality

Our work is guided by quality as a standard of transaction both in experience, services and deliverables. With a wealthy stock of knowledge gathered and cultivated over years, Lines Photography ensures you get then best image quality in all aspects, coupled with the best operational environment at every stage of our interaction.

  1. Efficiency

We are quick. We deliver hot. Guided by the mastery of all aspects of pro photography enables us to reduce the time we take to deliver your photos. We are known for some of the shortest turnover periods in industry and we aspire to keep that time getting even shorter. We believe photos are like food, and ours we deliver fresh and hot.

  1. Convenience

We go beyond our means to serve you in a manner that is perfectly convenient for you. The provision of our services and goods is guided by preference for customer needs. To crown it all, we are able to bring the service and experience to your doorstep to save you the hustle of packing tens of bags to the studio and moving to and fro.

  1. Affordability

We might not the cheapest photography business in Nairobi, but we are also not the most expensive either and when we are it is justifiably so.In our pricing we aspire to give a fair rate to the client and at the same time create fair business on our side. Occasionally, we have price changes and hikes but that is never without a corresponding improvement in experience and product.


  1. Versatility

Despite having genres of photography we specialize in; we offer a wholesome solution for all your photography needs. See, our goal is to your life-long photographer and to do so we are versatile enough to create family portraits for you and your, take product photos for your shop, staff portraits for your organization, create a marketing concept for your prototype, cover your graduation just to mention but a few. Try us today.

Simon Chege

Simon Chege

Photographer, Retoucher

EricK Njoroge

EricK Njoroge

Director, Partner

Ngai Njuguna

Ngai Njuguna

Development Partner


Kahawa Wendani, Thika Road, Nairobi

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