Our Services.


Studio Photography

Well-equipped and well skilled, our studio offers a wholesome solution to your studio photography needs. This ranges from product shots, portraits, occasion photos, family photography to high-end beauty. Known for our vibrant colors, creative lighting setups and state of the art retouching skills, our studio photos capture your brief moments perfectly, making them lifelong memories.

Location Photography

The reach of our services goes beyond the confines of our studio to the location of your choice. Location portraits add a dimension of nature and/or man-made infrastructure to the human element in a magical way that best occurs outdoors. From family portraits to professional and commercial photos on location, we got you well taken care of.

Home based Photography

East or west, home is best and family is everything. In respect of that, we give you the luxury of not having to leave the comfort of your home whenever you need professional photography by bring the service right to your doorstep. You get casual photos of you and yours in the warmth of your house and also get formal portraits for official and business in studio-like setup. Don’t come to us, we’ll come to you.

Retouch & Editing Services

In the current age of digital photography and post production, the place of professional photo retouch cannot be underplayed. We are well versed with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroomas our preferred retouch and editing software respectively. Our retouch services have extended to include other photographers, makeup artists, models etc, both locally and globally. Apart from beauty and portrait retouch, we also handle bulk photo editing mostly for event photographers and offer training on the same.

Photography Solutions For Everyone.

Photography Training

As we become more refined photographers, we have cultivated stock of photography skills and knowledge that we can share with shooters of different ranks. Our desire is to make the journey for the next photographer a little easier than ours was. True to this, we have created a number of avenues through which we interact and share knowledge with fellow photographers and lend a helping hand when the need arises under a platform we have named Learning with Lines. Currently, Learning with Lines operates on several active avenues which include a WhatsApp group, YouTube Channel, blog site, Instagram and Facebook accounts. We also organize workshops and hold personalized classes for pro and amateur photographers in shooting and retouching. We also organize workshops and partners with insititutions offering photography and affiliated courses.

Event photography

Professional photography is at the heart of every successful event, function and brand. At Lines photography, we strive to give you the best photography experience and memories whenever we cover your event. Our experience in this field ranges from home-based parties to county level and multinational assignments. Our coverage of events is based on a set of pillars of event photography that we have formulated and successfully utilized over time; which ensure that we cover every aspect of your event without missing a thing.