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Hope you’re doing fine. I’m good from my end, just keeping up with unpredictable Nairobi weather and handling the art and business of Photography like always.  Happy belated new month, I should add, November is here and November babies, happy birthday already, no debts, he he.

Pink October look by Jenny Wangui of Glam Africa Makeup posed by model faith Donald.

Starting November means we just exited October and what a month it was.  October was the month that I officially made the decision to blog and vlog about photography and that is why we are here talking the same. I say Vlog and blog since every video I post on our YouTube channel will have an accompanying article posted here and vice versa. If you haven’t checked us out on YouTube already, you’re missing out, you better run and subscribe.

Back to the core matter, October is a good month for creatives, no doubt. The commemorations and themes the month comes with giving creatives an avenue to bring to life pieces of art geared towards various subject matters related to the month. On matters subject matter and October, two things stick out like a sore thumb, Pink October, since October is a month delegated to breast cancer awareness, with pink as the theme color, and Halloween, time to get spooky and corny.

Burnt face sfx by Unclekin Makeup combined with cracked skin added in post production for one of Brenda’s Halloween look.

Unlike last year, this October was a very busy one for me. I had many tasks and client work to handle including covering this year’s week-long Magical Kenya Travel Expo in an official capacity. My busy schedule meant I had little time to dig into the creative opportunities that October presented and create something dope with my team since I mostly create art when I’m free of my commercial jobs, coz you know, bills…..

I had lost hope of creating anything for the month but as they say, better late than never. On 26th October, five days to the end of the month, we set aside a day to create something in honor of the month. We quickly made a team and brainstormed ideas, settling on a number of beauty, Halloween and pink looks for the day. My team consisted of Unclekin Makeup my executive makeup artist who was accompanied by two of his makeup master class students, alongside makeup artist Jenny Wangui of Glam Africa Makeup who doubled up as a model for one of her looks, and models Valerie AwuorFaith Donald who is a former Miss KU, my campus, and the amazing blogger Brenda Kwamboka. I handled the lighting, camera work and Retouching, while Wambui Wanini recorded our BTS video that I later edited and is available here Learning with Lines EP 02 – Halloween, Pink October Shoot (BTS)

Model Valerie in a yellow background beauty shot, makeup by Unclekin.

Being the first time I was working with everyone else in the team apart from Unclekin, this shoot was an exciting one for me full of discovery of a new talent and artistic chemistry. It just flowed and unfolded like magic and the 8 or so hours we spent setting, shooting, and changing makeup created a magic that the world really loved.  Being in charge of all the retouch, I had to work on overdrive to get the photos ready before the end of the month and also take care of my client work on the side, which called for late nights and early mornings.

From the shoot, we got a number of amazing Halloween, beauty and pink October looks that we have posted on Instagram and Behance for your viewing pleasure. I would like to thank the team for putting their best foot forward to create this magic, I look forward to working with y’all again. I also thank God for you,  my reader and viewer, for giving life to what I piece, changing it from monologue to dialogue, thank you. Kindly take some time to view the BTS video on YouTube which also has all the retouched photos at the end.

Joker-themed Halloween look by Unclekin’s students Gerald and Tariq posed by model Valerie.

That is all for today, thank you for stopping by. See you next week, same avenues, I publish a video and article every Tuesday. Next week I share a video and article of how I set up for sorting of photos when handling bulks to save time and ease my workflow. Subscribe to our platforms and tell a friend about Learning with Lines where we learn and earn, together.